Fine Art


Daily Painting

I paint daily unless life intervenes. I live in the south where my family has lived for generations and am surrounded by family, dogs, horses, and a few cats scattered around  (mostly all rescue) in north Mississippi. My small farm is situated at  the edge of the vast flat delta lands where the flatness turns into wooded rolling hills, all in a small farming community. These  surroundings are oft-times reflected in my paintings.


Start a Collection!

It is exciting to start a collection of art. Every time you pass it hanging on the wall or just enter a room with art, it adds charm and a sense of belonging. Whether for you or as a gift, it brings such joy. It is easy to start with smaller works which can be added to and framed alike individually or framed all together as one piece. Even the smallest collection can be loved and cherished and passed on for generations.



I strive for a connection. I am closely connected to my work and I want my clients and collectors to feel a connection with the the paintings; a connection to the color, subject, design, or mood. A kind of connection that never fades.